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College Application Information

Students applying to California State University, University of California, or any other California college, can visit This site also provides information on Financial Aid, resources for Foster Youth, and information for Undocumented Students.

The application deadline for both theUCs and CSUs isNOVEMBER 30.

California Colleges Guidance Initiative (CCGI)

The California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) works to ensure that all 6th-12th grade students in California have access to a systematic baseline of guidance and support as they plan, prepare, and pay for post-secondary education and training.

CCGI has two overarching objectives:

  1. All high school seniors graduate with a thoughtful, well-informed, post-secondary plan.

  2. Students' academic transcript, unique identifier, and college and career planning data follow them in a manner that reduces information gaps that hinder student success.

  • What is CCGI
  • Create a Student Account
  • Create a Parent Account
  • CCGI Tools

What is CCGI

What is is an interactive website designed to help your child plan and prepare for college and career.

When signed in, your child can:

  • Complete grade-level appropriate activities designed to guide him or her toward a college and career plan that matches his or her goals and interests.
  • Find and favorite ( ) careers, colleges, and majors.
  • Plan high school courses and monitor progress toward completion of “a-g” course requirements, as well as CSU and UC eligibility.
  • Apply to colleges and track submissions.
  • Launch the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA).
  • Store resumes, college application essays, and other important documents.

When signed in, you can:

  • View your child’s activity on and monitor your child’s progress.
  • Learn valuable information to support your child through the career exploration, college and financial aid planning, and application processes.

Create a Student Account

It is VERY IMPORTANT that ALL students sign up for California Colleges (CCGI) student accounts!

ALL of our college applications are launched from this platform, including Cuesta College.

  • Go to California Colleges
  • Under the welcome message, click on High School Student
  • Scroll down to where it asks you “Why Create an Account?” and click on Create an Account.
  • Click Register Your Account
  • In the first field, begin typing San Luis Coastal.Adrop down will appear. Be sure to select San Luis Coastal Unified.
  • In the next field, begin typing San Luis High School. A drop down menu will appear.Select San Luis Obispo High School.
  • Under Student ID, enter your School ID/Lunch ID number.
  • The last field is date of birth; MM/DD/YYYY
  • On the next page, click Sign UP with Google, enter your SLCUSD Gmail Account, then click NEXT
  • Enter your SCUSD password and click NEXT
  • Use the Sign in with Google option when logging in in the future.

Create a Parent Account

College, career, and financial aid planning can be complicated, and you probably have a lot of questions. is here to help guide you and your child through the process.

To create your parent account:

  • Go to CaliforniaColleges.
  • Click the lock iconin the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Click on Create an Account in the box titled Parents.
  • Enter the required information, including your child’s name, date of birth, school district, school, and student ID number.
  • For the student ID number, you can enter your child’s Statewide Student Identifier (SSID), which is located in your child’s transcript, or local ID. If you need help finding your child’s ID number, contact your child’s counselor.

If you or your child have questions about how to sign in to or use, contact your child’s counselor.

If you have questions about your child’s academic progress, which courses your child should take, or how to use the Academic Planner or CSU and UC Eligibility tools, talk to your child’s counselor.

CCGI Tools makes it easy to create and follow an academic plan that will help your child become college and career ready.

How to Add Your High School Transcript Information CCGI Features

The Academic Planner provides an overview of courses your child has taken and allows your child to plan future courses. Based on your child’s goals, he or she may choose to take College Preparatory (P or CP) courses, more advanced Honors (H) courses, or Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, which could qualify for college credit. Many high schools also offer non A-Gcourses that count toward graduation requirements and may have other benefits to your child.

The CSU and UC Eligibility Tools help make sure your child is on track to meet the minimum requirements for admission to a California State University (CSU) or a University of California (UC). These tools use course information from your child’s school to track the following:

  • Your child’s progress toward meeting A-GSubject Area requirements. A green checkmark means your child has met the requirement for a specific subject area, such as Math (area “c”).
  • Your child’s unofficial CSU or UC Grade Point Average (GPA). Your child must earn a C- or better in all “a-g” courses. CSU requires a minimum 2.0 GPA, while UC requires a minimum 3.0 GPA. However, admitted students generally have GPAs that are much higher than the minimum requirement.
  • The target iconsquickly tell whether or not your child is on track to meet eligibility requirements, assuming he or she completes all in-progress courses with a C- or better.

Cuesta College

Cuesta College, our local community college,offers classes at their main campus in San Luis Obispo, the North County Campus in Paso Robles, and the South County Center in Arroyo Grande. Students have the opportunity to take courses while in high school and enroll in Cuesta full-time following high school graduation. Cuesta offers avariety ofinstructional programs,fromlower division academic transfer courses, career technical education courses, short courses, distance education (online), to day and evening classes.

  • Cuesta Promise
  • Applying to Cuesta
  • Questions?

Cuesta Promise

The Cuesta College Promiseis a scholarship programavailable to all San Luis Obispo County high school graduates. The Promise offers all local graduates, who come straight to Cuesta following their graduation, two years of attendance fee-free (two consecutive fall and spring semesters).To qualify for the Promise,follow each ofTHESEsteps bytheir designated deadlines.

Applying to Cuesta

The Cuesta Liaison Counselor and College & Career Specialist meets with Seniors in English classes to complete the first step in The Cuesta Promise application process.Regardless what astudents post high school plans are, weencourageALL Seniors to complete The Cuesta Promise application process, so that everyone has the option of twoyears of fee-free education.


Students seeking help withdual enrollmentcourse registration (Enrichment or CCAP), Cuesta Promise, or Cuesta Pathways, contact Jessica Hoyt (, Cuesta Dual Enrollment Counselor/Laison

The Common App

The Common Appallows users to explore and apply to more than 900 private universities and out-of-state schools. Take a look at their website to learn about the different options available to you.

The Common App

Community Colleges

California’s 110 Community Colleges are designed to offer educational opportunities in two general areas:

  1. Career Education: Curriculum offerings designed to prepare students for skilled employment. Certificates of Proficiency are offered in a wide variety of careers.
  2. College Coursework:
    a. To complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree.
    b. To complete General Education and Major Courses for transfer to a four-year college or university.

Click here for more information.

Community Service Guidelines

  • Service must be voluntary, unpaid and on the student own time, not during school hours.
  • There must be a service agency, or a supervisor with a representative who can contacted to confirm service and sign form.
  • The Service Agency Representative cannot be the student, or a relative of the student.
  • The service is performed outside of one's family, i.e. babysitting, housecleaning, caring for a grandparent, helping a neighbor etc. are not eligible. They are being a good person.
  • The service is conducted for a nonprofit agency such as a youth sports program, community program (YMCA), Recreation Department, Boy Scouts, EOC, Area Agency on Aging, the Children's Museum, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities such as participating in a sport or activity not offered by the school does not qualify (club sports, Boy Scout meetings, 4- H meetings, piano recitals, dance performances).
  • Internships and political campaigns are not considered community service. Organizing a voter registration drive is.
  • Just because you work for free, does not mean it is community service. If you work for a business, a doctor, etc., you are not performing community service. To be sure your hours will count, work for NON-PROFIT organizations. Places like the YMCA or senior citizen homes are ideal.
  • Performing religious activities, like singing in a church choir, do not count for community service. If the choir goes to perform for a senior citizens home, that is community service.
  • A fundraising activity is not considered community service unless the money is being collected for a non-profit charity.
  • The maximum amount of service hours a student can earn in one 24 hour period is twelve (12) hours.

Community Service Verification

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