Denali Bus Tours | Denali (2023)

Denali is a fascinating and beautiful national park with a wonderfully diverse mix of geology and wildlife to see and discover. However, visitors choosing to explore the park road on their own, are only allowed to drive 15 miles into the park before they have to stop and turn around.

If you want to go further into the park and discover the true heart of Denali National Park, then taking a bus tour through the park is a must.

Below you will find details of the two best and most popular bus tours through the park. Each of these tours will travel the entire 90+ mile length of the road and take you all the way to the old mining town of Kantishna, Alaska.

To really make the most of your visit to Denali National Park, a bus tour through the park is a must-do experience, and these two options receive our highest recommendation!

Denali Bus Tours | Denali (1) Kantishna Wilderness Trails Tour

An up-close, interpretive tour through the heart of Denali National Park!

Kantishna Wilderness Trails Bus Tour

Denali Bus Tours | Denali (2)


  • Interesting and informative narration throughout the entire length of the road
  • Receive an expert education on all things Denali!
  • Get an up close encounter with Denali's premier points of interest including Wonder Lake, Igloo Mountain, Tolkat River
  • Travel to the historic mining town of Kantishna
  • A hearty lunch will be provided at the exclusive Kantishna Roadhouse
  • Fun activities to take part in once you reach the Kantishna area - gold panning, hiking, or relaxing in the saloon or on the patio at the Roadhouse
  • Possible opportunities to see Denali, the tallest mountain in North America! (weather permitting)

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This tour wil NOT run during the 2023 season due to the in-park road closure at mile marker 42. Please check back for the 2024 season.

Want to get a truly immersive experience in Denali National Park? The Kantishna Wilderness Trails Bus Tour is the perfect opportunity to do just that. This top-rated Denali Park tour is an all-day adventure that starts at the Denali Village near the park entrance and allows you to experience the entire 90+ miles of the Denali Park Road, enjoying all of the sights, sounds and scenery along the way.

The Kantishna Wilderness Trails Tour is one of the most popular tours in the park and for very good reason. This comprehensive park experience will give you an up-close and intimate view of the flora and fauna and the breathtaking scenery in the heart of Denali National Park. You will also be treated to a hearty lunch in the town of Kantishna, and have a little time to explore the area or simply relax by the river for a little while before returning back to the park entrance.

This tour takes advantage of the entire stretch of the park road, and gives you a comprenensive and detailed view of all of the wonderful diversity and scenery that Denali National Park encompasses. On clear days you will enjoy amazing views of the Alaska Range and if you are lucky some stunning views of Denali Peak.

Scenic beauty abounds on this tour with opportunities to see some of the parks most popular features such as Polychrome Pass, Igloo Mountain, Wonder Lake and of course the quaint town of Kantishna.

The Wilderness Trails Tour is also a great option for viewing Alaska and Denali's most popular and sought after wildlife. You will have lots of opportunities to see all sorts of wildlife in its native habitat in the wilderness surounding the road. Including opportunities to see the big five...moose, grizzly, dall sheep, wolves and caribou!


Adult - Round Trip:$199.00 (+ $15.00 park entrance fee*)
Children (under 6 years old):Not allowed on this tour
Full payment is due at booking to confirm the reservation. MasterCard and Visa credit cards accepted.
* An individual park entrance pass is required for each passenger in your party.


Tours run from June 4 – September 12
Departing from Denali Park Village Main Lobby6:10 am
Departing from Denali Bluffs Hotel6:30 am
Departing from McKinley Chalet Resort6:40 am
Departing from Denali Princess Lodge6:45 am
Tour returns to hotelsbefore 8:00 pm
Advanced reservations strongly recommended

Terms & policies


Prior to 60 days of excursion date, a $25.00 service fee per seat is charged.

Between 60 & 30 days of excursion date, forfeiture of 50% of total charge.

Within 30 days of excursion date, forfeiture of full payment.

Cancellation for any reason is subject to this cancellation policy. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

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Denali Bus Tours | Denali (3) Denali Backcountry Adventure Tour

Experience a Guided Wilderness Safari 92 miles deep into Denali National Park!

Denali Backcountry Adventure Tour

Denali Bus Tours | Denali (4)


  • Travel the entire 90 miles stretch of road
  • Jaw-dropping scenery and many wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Narration from your local expert guide
  • Many photo opportunities along the way
  • Enjoy a tasty lunch in the old mining town of Kantishna

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Due to the Denali Park Road not being fully open for the 2023 summer season, the Denali Backcountry Adventure will operate on a different route. Starting at 8:00 am, guests will travel 65 miles on the rugged Denali Highway. Guests will be treated with narration from local expert driver-guides, wildlife spotting opportunities, a hearty lunch at Alpine Creek Lodge, snacks, drinks, and afternoon activities. Guests will return approximately at 7:00 pm. Call for more details, rates, and to book.

The Denali Backcountry Adventure Tour allows you to explore the entire 92 mile stretch of road from the Denali Park entrance to the town of Kantishna on a comprehensive 13-hour national park experience. This tour is a wonderful opportunity to see the beautiful scenery in the heart of Denali National Park as well as the amazing wildlife that calls the park home.

Your driver and guide for the day is a local expert on Denali's geology, history and wildlife. During the tour your guide will point out many points of interest along the way sharing fascinating facts and history about the park.

Your guide is also an expert at spotting wildlife in the wilderness surrounding the park road and will be sure to point out wildlife that you otherwise might have missed.

The tour makes several stops along the road at significant points of interest and scenic viewpoints. And at the end of the road you will enjoy an unforgettable creekside lunch at the Miners Day lodge in Kantishna.


Adult - Round Trip:$179.00 (+ $15.00 park entrance fee*)
Full payment is due at booking to confirm the reservation. MasterCard and Visa credit cards accepted.
* An individual park entrance pass is required for each passenger in your party.


Summer dates for Denali Backcountry Tour: June 4 - September 16
Boarding at Princess Wilderness Lodge, McKinley Chalets, Crows Nest Cabins and Bluffs Hotel8:00 - 8:15 am
Boarding at Denali Park Village, Grizzly Bear, McKinley Creekside Cabins, Denali Cabins & begin journey8:15 - 8:30 am
Alpine Creek Lodge. Lunch and Activities Stop12:45 pm
Depart for return trip, continue searching for wildlife past Susitna River Overlook2:45 pm*
Return to Denali Canyon area6:30 - 7:00 pm
* Times are approximate.

Terms & policies

Terms & Payment Policies:

Unless otherwise noted, all rates are per person based on double occupancy and subject to adjustments without notice. Taxes and other applicable fees are extra.

Major credit cards are accepted such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Full Payment is due at time of booking.

A fee of $50 per person, is applied for changes made less than 45 days before your booked date.

Cancellation Policy:

From 60 to 46 days prior to arrival, forfeiture of deposit

45 to 0 days prior to arrival, non-refundable

Due to the abbreviated season and remote location, the purchase of travel insurance is strongly recommend.

Call to Book:

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