Iceland Weather by Month | Average Temperature of Iceland (2023)

Have you been dreaming of packing your bags and going to Iceland for months now? The landscapes are just so darn beautiful! As you’re scrolling through Pinterest, looking at photos of waterfalls, glaciers, and black sand beaches, you start to wonder what Iceland weather is by month. Typical temperatures and what to expect month by month? Fear not, my friends!

I’m here to help. Keep reading for all the details on Iceland’s weather. Here’s a handy guide to average temperatures in Iceland by month and weather, finish this post, you’ll be able to confidently choose what season is best for your Icelandic getaway!

Iceland, an island country, provides a range of natural phenomena to tourism lovers. Therefore, weather updates and information for tourists are of significant relevance. We will give detailed information about Iceland weather by month and the average temperature in Iceland by month.

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The Importance of Weather in Icelandic Tourism

Of course, the weather has much impact on tourism in the world. Likewise, Tourism Iceland has no exception. Due to weather updates, you as a tourist mold your decisions and undertake a plan for a specific tourist attraction spot.

In Iceland, due to the rare climate and timings in the world, tourists and tourist businesses keep a close eye on the weather forecasts so that their tourist activities and operations may occur accurately. Therefore, the weather condition in Icelandic tourism has much importance.

Temperature in Iceland

To know about temperature, you need to be updated concerning the different hot and cold days. During the hot days of other Summer months, human activities are undertaken about the hot temperature. While in the cold days of additional winter months, individuals devise their plans to commit to the cold temperature.

This hot and cold temperature has a significant effect on tourism. Therefore, the tourists whose destination is Iceland must keep the phenomenon of temperature in Iceland in their mind before leaving for this island country.

Iceland Temperature Graph by Month

MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowAvg. RainfallAvg. Sunlight
January36 F (2 C)28 F (minus 2 )4 inches5 hours
February36 F (2 C)28 F (minus 2 C)4.3 inches8 hours
March38 F (3 C)30 F (minus 1)3.7 inches12 hours
April43 F (2 C)34 F (1 C)2.9inches16 hours
May48 F (6 C)40 F (4 C)3 inches18 hours
June54 F (12 C)46 F (8 C)2.1 inches21 hours
July57 F (14 C)49 F (9 C)2.7 inches19 hours
August55 F (13 C)47 F (8 C)3.5 inches16 hours
September50 F (10 C)42 F (6 C)4.6 inches13 hours
October44 F (4 C)36 F (2 C)4.5 inches9hours
November39 F (4 C)30 F (minus 1 C)4.2 inches6 hours
December36 F (2 C)29 F (minus 2 C)4.1 inches4 hours

How to Measure Temperature

When measuring the air temperature, make ensure to have the thermometer in the shade. If the sun shines on the thermometer, it warms the liquid. Then the measurement is greater than the actual air temperature.

Also, when you take the thermometer outside, allow it adequate time to acclimatize to the ambient air temperature. That could take several minutes. On the other way, you can quickly check with the help of electronic devices like mobile, thermometer watches, and you can use any other particular device to measure temperature.

The Temperature of Iceland By Month

The Icelandic temperature by month during winter hovers around 0°c, comparatively much less than the other Northern countries in the world. On the other hand, the summer in Iceland is a time of bright days and stunning sunlight.

Iceland Weather by Month

In Iceland, weather by month, there is a clear divide due to the respective winter and summer seasons. During Summer, the nights are much bright and a cause of showing you the midnight sun that you will find only in Iceland.

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On the other hand, winter nights in Iceland are dark. So, you can sight the Northern Lights. There is a difference in nights’ duration and temperature in both seasons.

These features make it necessary to denote the Iceland weather by month. So, it can be taken into view as follows:

Icelandweather in January

These features make it necessary to denote the Iceland weather by month. So, it can be taken into view as follows:

In Iceland, weather by month, January is the first month of the calendar and first in the cold. You will experience a great chance to see the northern lights. There will be snow and ice-coveredmountains that the tourists enjoy a lot.

If you land in Iceland this month, you will need the clothes that may keep you warm as January is the coldest in Iceland. You will find -3°C and +2°C temperatures in Iceland. Due to snow and frost, driving on the road becomes difficult.

Under this situation, you should book only tours that provide a guide. Indeed, you can also drive if you are experienced in the icy and frosty weather. Otherwise, we suggest you remain inside your residence. It is also commendable thatsunglassesare necessary for January.

The Sun during this month travels closer to snowy Iceland in its orbit. Your eyes may be directly catching the sunlight that may be unfavorable to some extent for your sighting.

Read complete detail about January weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inFebruary

If you visit Iceland in February, the Iceland weather by month will frequently be changing. So, taking the suggested measures this month will be relevant. The daylight is enjoyable for almost 7-10 hours with -3°C and +3°C.

February is also cold, and bringing a warm coat is the best option you can avail yourself of in the Cold. According to previous experiences, the weather in February remains very unpredictable.

It continuously varies from one condition to another. Snow, sleet, rain, and even the sunlight go hand in hand this month. To seeNorthernLights in February, tourists are recommended to bring a coat that will be an asset during the nights. Besides, it would help if you were cautious in using the roads as Icey cover will be everywhere.

Read complete detail about February weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inMarch

Visiting Iceland during this month also provides a lot of attraction to the tourists. The sunlight increases and 10-13 hours of daylight are available for you to enjoy with -2°C and 3.3°C temperatures in Iceland.

This is also a great month to visit Iceland. On the one hand, you will enjoy the mid-winter whereas the sunny days and increasingtemperaturewill also prevail in March. So, a tourist can sight all worth-seeing winter features of tourist attraction. You will see some aurora this month.

Besides, Ice caves will take a top shape providing dramatic scenes to the tourists. Thus, bringing such clothes that you can use in every weather condition is our suggestion.

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As per your flavor, you should include gear in your pack if you want to enjoy skiing, as March is the month of Icelanders’ skiing fun in Hlidarfjalland Blue Mountain near Reykjavik.

Read complete detail about March weather in Iceland

Iceland weather in April

While visiting Iceland in April, you will be at the edge of Spring. So, enjoying the tourist spots will be unique. The temperature in Iceland increases to 7°C due to more than 16 hours’ daylight.

The average temperature in Iceland remains between 1°C and 7°C. The average temperature in Iceland during April remains less than a freezing point. This is the month of mild weather. You will seeIcelandersgoing onboard here, mainly to celebrate the beginning of Summer.

During these festive outings, they use wool to wear. In April, you will see rare snow. But if you go to Northern Iceland or theHighlands in Iceland, you will find Icey covers.

Being part of of-season, you will find lower prices in Iceland that highlight the chances of tourist flavor for the individuals with a lower budget in April.

Read complete detail about April weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inMay

At the dawn of Summer, the month of May welcomes tourists to Iceland. The average temperature in Iceland remains between 4°C and 10°C. The daylightduring this month is 16-20 hours.

However, this daylight increases to 24 hours when April lingers to an end. You will see seasonal deference in reality here this month. The Month of May is a natural opening of Summer.

So, there will be a positive change. You will see the trees leafing again and the grass getting unending greenery. The lambs and other cattle will also be seen running and bubbling.

TheBBQ will be the most favored flavor of Icelanders this month. Bear in mind, the month of May is rainy that requires you to take the necessary measures.

Read complete detail about May weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inJune

During June, the summer makes a difference with the note-worthy temperature that is useful for various activities. The Iceland averagetemperature by month remains between 9°C and 15°C.

The daylight accordingly gets longer and remains between 20-21 hours. This month is the most recommended month for tourists to visit Iceland. Uniquely, you will find that the Sun never sees a full sunset this month.

Hence, it is a fantastic source of fun for fun-lovers. You can see the Midnight sun in June and travel to the Northern Highlands in Iceland. Tourists bring local sporting shorts andT-shirtsin it.

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June is also a month of hot spring bathing. It also witnesses some rainy days. So, keep this fact in mind while planning to visit Iceland this month.

Read complete detail about June weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inJuly

The Month of July remains the popular time for tourists visiting Iceland. The Iceland average temperature by month in July remains between 10°C and 15°C.

You will find it one of the hottest months in summer. The daylight during this month is 18 hours. Shorts paired with a Prim aloft® jacket and a hat are seen as the favored taste of the people this month.

The enjoyment becomes exciting when the NorthAtlanticbreeze sneezes in the atmosphere of Iceland. Although there are almost negligible rain chances here in July, a windproof arrangement is advisable. You will find here beautiful sunsets in July.

Read complete detail about July weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inAugust

While landing in Iceland during August, you will enjoy tourism in its manner. The average temperature during this month remains between 8°C and 13°C.

During August, you will find that the daylight drops down and decreases from 18 hours to 14 hours. The temperature in the Northern andEasternparts of Iceland remains very hot.

However, this is the last month in summer when the tourists can experience natural warmth. Guidedtrekkingin Iceland Highlands is highly recommended. You can enjoy the first glimpse of the Northern Lights during August. Also, wear a layered dress to keep enjoying.

Read complete detail about August weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inSeptember

You will take a start of Winter in September away from the hot temperatures of summer. During this month, the average temperaturein Iceland remains between 5°C and 10°C. Besides, you will enjoy the daylight of 14 hours at the start and 11 hours at the end of this month.

During September, you will find the warm winds coming from Southern America. Due to these winds, summer seems to last longer in Iceland. Sometimes, you will discover rains and winds during this month. This is the ideal month for photography in Iceland.

Read complete detail about September weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inOctober

You will find October in Iceland a different month with different features. The average temperature remains from 2°C to 7°C. Likewise, you will find a difference in the daylight that stuns for 8-11 hours. You can see the Northern Lightsduring October.

(Video) February in Iceland - weather, daylight hours, driving, and MORE

Due to this fact, it still attracts tourists in Iceland. You will also findIcelanderscelebrating the beginning of winter by the end of October. This month of intense storms makes an umbrella a useless burden on your shoulders. So, take the measures accordingly.

Read complete detail about October weather in Iceland

Iceland weather inNovember

During November, you will see a constant change in both temperature and duration of daylight. In the beginning, the sunlight is 8 hours that decreases to 5 hours at the end of the month.

The average temperature is between -1°C and 3°C. You are recommended to wear a dress in layers. Also, woolen and waterproofs should be in your bag. The roads remain slipperyin November. Hence, checking road conditions is necessary.

Read complete detail about November weather in Iceland.

Iceland weather inDecember

If you want to enjoy winter features in Iceland, December is the best option. You will find the average temperature between -3°C and 2°C. The daylight during December is 4 to 5 hours.

You will find this month as thedarkestmonth in Iceland. Moreover, the first snow falling will be making its due contribution to the winter features of tourist attractions in the country. You will find both the cities and countryside covered with ice during the month.

Icy caves and indoor activities are of significant relevance in these months. The Northern Lights sighting often remains available for the lovers of unique wonders.

December becomes the coldest in thecountryside. In the capital of Reykjavik, you will find the weather milder. You will find an excellent opportunity for ice caves and outdoor amazement. Think about warm, thick socks and sturdy shoes if you visit Iceland this month.

Read complete detail about December weather in Iceland

Iceland Temperature Graph by Month

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Rainfall Avg. Sunlight

  • January 36 F (2 C) 28 F (minus 2 C) 4 inches 5 hours
  • February 36 F (2 C) 28 F (minus 2 C) 4.3 inches 8 hours
  • March 38 F (3 C) 30 F (minus 1 C) 3.7 inches 12 hours
  • April 43 F (6 C) 34 F (1 C 2.9 inches 16 hours
  • May 48 F (9 C) 40 F (4 C) 2.3 inches 18 hours
  • June 54 F (12 C) 46 F (8 C) 2.1 inches 21 hours
  • July 57 F (14 C) 49 F (9 C) 2.7 inches 19 hours
  • August 55 F (13 C) 47 F (8 C) 3.5 inches 16 hours
  • September 50 F (10 C) 42 F (6 C) 4.6 inches 13 hours
  • October 44 F (7 C) 36 F (2 C) 4.5 inches 9 hours
  • November 39 F (4 C) 30 F (minus 1 C) 4.2 inches 6 hours
  • December 36 F (2 C) 29 F (minus 2 C) 4.1 inches 4 hours

So, the Icelandweatherby month is a detailed portrait of the exact temperature and daylights duration that helps tourists adopt the activities accordingly.

Final Word

To wind up, the mentioned-above details concerning the Iceland weather by month will help you devise your plan for visiting Iceland. You will learn adequately about the temperature inIcelandby month in this article.

Indeed, you can pack your bag according to the information given in the article about Iceland weather by month and choose to visit Iceland as per therequirementsof the weather and temperature in Iceland.

So, this article will help you a lot in knowing the average temperature and weather in Iceland is and what is likely to bring for a tourist visit.

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