Jay's Car Rental, Primavera 6L, Oranjestad, Aruba, Phone +297 583 2223, page 2 (2023)


19 December 2020 1:16

Best price on the island for renting a 4x4 jeep for the week. Friendly help and service. They even dropped us at the airport when we returned the car. I highly recommend.

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26 April 2020 17:08

Some one from Jays “nabbed” me at the AUA airport and talked me into canceling my Payless rental for theirs. He matched the Payless price if I paid cash. Someone picked me up and drove me to the office. The car my 88 year old mother & I got was standard, a slippery metal clutch and broken trunk hatch. Ugh. They promised I could return at AUA. Nope. No one there despite my follow up email. Never again. Shady!

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C Griffin

12 April 2020 5:11

I have rented from Jays the last several years when I have come to Aruba. I can say they are courteous, kind and provide unbelievable customer service. When I needed some extra assistance they came promptly and swapped cars for me all with a smile. I highly recommend jays for a great car rental experience.

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26 March 2020 14:27

We got to Aruba without a car rental booking we were recommended here. We paid cash which was great! We had no issues with our car rental and I must add driving in Aruba was amazing and easy! We also got an extension for additional hours free of charge! Highly recommend!

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09 March 2020 12:02

Car was good little bit old but who cares
As long as it gets you around the island!
No issues with car. Rented mid size hunday accent


04 March 2020 11:19

Great customer service. They pick you up at the airport and have you in your rental in no time.

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e garz

01 March 2020 16:38

Horrible customer service. Bad communication. And different quotes for same days rental. I get the impression its about money not about people.

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25 February 2020 17:19

Do NOT rent from Jay’s car rental! On the first day my car broke down, roadside assistance took almost an hour to arrive and couldn’t fix the car. I waited another hour for a second car which was shakey the rest of the trip. Did not feel the safest. I asked for a discount for the inconvenience on the first day and they refused, not good customer service at all.

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23 February 2020 17:12

Wiesje was so I’m redial you friendly, accommodating and helpful! Clean office, excellent service and great pricing. Right across from airport made drop off and pick up extremely efficient. One happy island, one happy visitor!

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04 February 2020 12:55

I tried booking a Jeep weeks before my cruise and it seemed like the whole island was Pre-Booked. Jay’s told me that I can possibly get one at the cruise port. Well I’m Jan 2 we got off the ship and we were lucky enough to get one.
I always rent from Jay’s when I stay on the island and they did not let me down
Mission accomplished and thank you so much for the directions and the special care and consideration for us
We drove to the Natural Pool and we were all comfortable
Thank you

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30 January 2020 15:50

Just returned yesterday from Aruba! We rented a mid-size car from Jay’s for a week. The price was very reasonable BUT the cars are old and/or worn. Still I didn’t mind too much for the price except for the fact that the car was infested with cockroaches! I called Jays as soon as I realized this and was told to come exchange the car. Never once did anyone apologize for the inconvenience. Never once did anyone offer an upgrade a discount or any type of service recovery. In fact, the 2nd car not only had an alignment issue, it too had cockroaches just not nearly as bad! In addition to all of this I asked to extend my rental for 1 day and they wanted to increase my daily rate by $10! What!? You do realize you’ve just given me 2 cars with cockroaches, right? Upon returning the rental and making them aware again of the alignment and cockroach problem I still was not even offered an apology. Even though this place was cheap I would never go back or recommend them to anyone!

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20 October 2019 21:31

Initially reserved a rental through Hotwire, but the wrong location. Ended up canceling that as was approached by this company. About $70 for a compact vehicle which I thought was ok. They picked me & my party to & from the airport. No complaints.

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12 October 2019 2:09

Great experience. Stopped us when we got off the airplane and were the only ones who would rent to me (I'm only 22). They also gave me a better rate than anyone online was offering even if you're 25. Car worked great and when a taillight went out they fixed it in 3 minutes gave us some ice cold water and everything was fine. Also got our deposit back with ease. Would recommend to anyone traveling to Aruba, especially if you're under 25

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11 October 2019 17:30

Good service, the cars are a little beat up. We loved the jeep wrangler, a must have to visit some of the island's best spots.

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03 May 2019 6:42

Great experience, free shuttle to and from the airport, and friendly customer service. We had to extend our rental an extra day due to a delayed flight and we didn't have any problems. Highly recommend!

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02 February 2019 1:31

Not a great car and worst customer service ever. Never rent from here. Better off going to National or a known rental company.

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14 January 2019 15:41

All I can say is they were GREAT! Highly recommend and I would use them again- best prices too-

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10 January 2019 6:15

Jays is the best car rental company on the Island! Not only was price the lowest but Jay and team helped in so many other ways! I lost my passport and Jay reached out to police on the island and helped me track it down. In addition to this he even adjusted his rate to match competition. Jays is a much better option than the big corporate chains.

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10 November 2018 5:19

Bad attitude. Stuff is very nice but owner is extremely rude. He wants to charge more when we want to extend our rental. Not a smart way to do business. We managed to get a car from another company with lower price. Don’t go.

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09 October 2018 7:40

I highly recommend them. If you were coming with a group, you can get one of their vans. They were very helpful and Cooperative with me and my family. Because Aruba is very windy, someone put a dent in one of their new cars. We paid $200 for that dent, not sure if they will fix it, they say they would. Be careful where you park it is not their fault or your fault if that happens. It's Aruba.

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