The Top 8 Important Apple Watch First Generation Features (2023)

The Top 8 Important Apple Watch First Generation Features (1)

Apple Watch first generation Features Tips and Trick –

Apple Watch first generation is a wearable gadget developed by Apple Inc. It is really more than a normal watch can offer and hence coin as the smartwatch. This watch has health-related functionality integrated into it such as distance walked or run, amount of calories consumed, caffeine intake, blood pressure, heartbeat and in some cases quality of sleep.

The Top 8 Important Apple Watch First Generation Features (2)

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It was first introduced on September 9, 2014, along with iPhone 6 at the press conference. Apple released a watch officially on April 24, 2015.

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It is integrated with iOS and hence you can connect well with your Apple product and services such as Mac, iPhone, iTunes account, etc. Apple Watch’sfirst generation is the only product developed by Apple that comes under wearable technology. This smartwatch device is available in three different categories (shown in screenshot A, B, and C):

  1. Watch Sport
  2. Apple Watch
  3. Apple Watch Edition

All the three watches are distinguished by their bodies. Sports edition is made up of aluminum, Watch comprises of stainless steel and Watch edition has 18-karat gold. Each of them has two versions i.e 38 mm and apple watch case 42mm. The apple watchfirst generation 42mm model has the bigger screen and apple watch battery as compared to the 32 mm model.

Configuration :

Let us check with configuration for Apple watch first generation.

  • The Apple watchfirst generation can cost you somewhere between the US $ 350 to the US $10,000 depending upon apple watch model and version you are purchasing
  • Back part is made up of Composite for Sports model and Ceramics for Watch / Watch edition model
  • Two versions are available 38 mm and 42 mm
  • Dimension for 38 mm is 6 * 33.3 * 10.5 mm (in l*w*h format) whereas for 42 mm is 42 * 35.9 * 10.5 mm
  • Screen for Sports model is made up of Strengthened Ion-X glass and Watch, Watch edition model is made up of Sapphire crystal
  • Battery for 38 mm is 205 mAh and 42 mm is 246 mAh. Once charged it can last up to 18 hours
  • OS used is ApplyWatch OS 2.0 has been announced at WWDC 2015 keynote.
  • Storage is 8 GB distributed as 2 GB for music and 75 MB for photos

Let’s check with the feature that Apple Watch first generation offers:

    1. Siri
    2. Time Travel
    3. Apple Pay
    4. Read Mail
    5. Nightstand
    6. FaceTime calls
    7. Health and Fitness tracking
    8. Transit

1. Siri

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant built for iOS platform by Apple Inc. You can get help from Apple device using Siri. This is available on iPhone from iPhone 4S onwards. If you are familiar with Siri on iPhone then using this feature on Apple Watch first generation will be the easy task.

Below are steps to use Siri on Apple Watch first generation :

– Raise your wrist and bring close to the mouth.

– Long-press the Digital Crown (present on the right side of the watch) on Apple Watch first generation to activate Siri.

– Ask Siri any question you wish to. For example, Hey Siri, remind me to attend the meeting after lunch hours.

There might be the situation when Siri won’t work on your Apple Watchfirst generation. This may be due to any one of the reason :

– You have navigated to the watch face by pressing Digital Crown from another view.

– The microphone of Apple Watchfirst generation might be blocked. This is present on the sides of the casing. If you have woolen clothes covering sides of watch that it may not activate Siri.

2. Time Travel

Sometimes smartwatch becomes difficult to operate because of its small size. Apple has taken care of this problem by providing the cool feature called Digital Crown.

It is a knob present on watch’s right edge (shown in screenshot 1) which acts like a home button similar to iPhone device. When you press on Digital Crown you return to the main screen. You can zoom into any apps or scroll through options in the interface by turning Digital Crown.

Apple has announced Time Travel – a new feature in watchOS2 at WWDC 2015 keynote. Time Travel allows you to see the list of future stuff such as whether today evening, meeting scheduled post lunch etc.

It also allows you to see stuff that has already happened such as yesterday’s weather, meetings attended etc. You can travel in the future by rotating Digital Crown in the clockwise direction whereas rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction will take you in past. While performing this Time Travel you can get back to the current time by single pressing Digital Crown.

3. Apple Pay

Apple Inc has introduced mobile payment and digital wallet service called Apple Pay. It allows users to make payments using compatible devices. Below is the list of devices that conforms to Apple Pay specifications :

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c
  • iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3
  • Apple Watchfirst generation

The service that Apple Pay use to communicate wirelessly with the point of apple watch first generation on sale systems is Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna, Apple’s Touch ID and Passbook.

To make payment at the store using iPhone just hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID (applicable for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus). Using this you don’t even have to look at the screen to know your details of payment. When payment is successful a subtle vibration and beep occur.

You can make payment using Apple Watch first generation, simply double-click the side button (referred to as Digital Crown) and hold the display of Apple Watchfirst generationnear tocontactlessreader (shown in screenshot 4). You can confirm payment information with a gentle tap and beep.

4. Read Mail

WatchOS allows you to read mail on your Apple Watch right away. Handling emails on Apple Watch seems to be quite unfeasible due to screen size. However, there may be a scenario that you need to read email at earliest and hence this feature of Apple Watch comes to your rescue.

You can read emails right from Apple Watch functions. It supports Data detectors that allows you to tap on phone number or addresses to launch automatically app from an email.

Below are the steps to read the email from your Apple Watch Tips :

  1. Press Digital Crown and navigate to the home screen
  2. Locate the Mail app icon
  3. Open mail by the single tap on it
  4. Scroll your inbox using Digital Crown viz, clockwise for scroll-down and anti-clock for scroll-up. You can also use your fingers viz, drag your finger up for scroll-up and finger down for scroll-down on watch screen.
  5. The single tap on the email you want to read
  6. The operation such as mark email as unread, flag it, or trash it can be performed from email body itself.

If you want to reply to mail on immediate basis then you have to switch to iPhone or Mac device this is because emails on Apple Watch is read-only mode. The are some emails that won’t be displayed on the Apple Watch device.

In such scenario, you have to switch to iPhone or Mac device. iOS 8 provides Handoff feature. This feature allows you to open same mail on another device such as iPhone or Mac and thereby you can reply immediately to emails.

In case of iPhone device, you can see Handoff mail app icon present in the lower left corner of the screen (shown in screenshot 6). On the other hand in OS X Yosemite you can see Handoff mail app icon at the front of the apple watch dock (shown in screenshot 7).

5. Nightstand

WatchOS 2 announced in WWDC 2015 keynote has introduced apple watch new feature called Nightstand mode for Apple Watch. This allows you to use Apple Watch as a timepiece while apple watches charging during bed-time. This can replace your bedside alarm clock literally. While in nightstand mode apple watch switches to landscape mode thereby giving the better view of time.

This mode has zero configurability i.e. it’s either on or off. When it is on you can see a digital clock in the center with date and time details below, a battery indicator depicting percentage charged on the upper right corner, alarm icon in the upper left corner if you have set an alarm (shown in screenshot 8).

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6. FaceTime Call

FaceTime allows you to make video calls from the device. Apple has announced FaceTime feature for Apple Watch in its WWDC 2015 keynote.

This new FaceTime camera will be built into the Apple Watch’s top bezel and will allow users to make and receive FaceTime calls on the move via the wrists. The coming WatchOS2 will have a new FaceTime Audio feature for Wi-Fi-based calling.

It also allows Apple Watch users to directly reject or answer FaceTime video calls through any paired iPhone or iPad device (shown in screenshot 9).

7. Health and Fitness Tracking

Apple Watchfunctions include new health and fitness features that can help in keeping track of your health. This feature is really great with all the health-related statistics on your wrist. It can count the number of steps, your caffeine intake, count your calories, blood-pulse and even monitor your heart rate.

You can set a calorie goal with Activity for Apple Watch (shown in screenshot 11). This goal contains only active calories and not the resting ones. The Apple Watch functions will distinguish between calories you burn by simply being alive and those that you burn using brisk walk or workout at the gym.

Activity app present in the Apple Watch functions allows you to see health statistics anytime. It keeps track of three areas viz, move, stand and exercise (shown in screenshot 10). Each of them is represented by a colored ring in the activity app. The ring indicates the amount of apple watch at the target you have achieved. If the ring is completely closed then it indicates you have achieved your specific goal.

You can even see total step count of the day right inside the Activity app.

Apple Watch functions have an inbuilt heart rate sensor that makes calorie counts during workouts (shown in screenshot 12). The Apple Watchfunctions will by default check your heart rate every ten minutes. However, you can change this setting in the Activity app. You can manually check heart rate anytime from this Activity app.

8. Transit

Transit allows you to navigate your city smoothly by providing directions. Tap on Transit app to open it up. It’ll give you the button to get directions to your home or office and another button that provides locations that you’ve traveled recently.

The rest of the screen scrolls through the nearest public transit stops, only displaying the transit options (such as subway, bus, trains, etc.).

Once you get desired directions from Transit, the entire journey is displayed on one screen in a simple, condensed manner. If you are interested to know more about a specific location then just tap on that specific step to pull up a map.

The plus point of Transit is that it displays the entire list of steps on one scrolling screen.

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